Candance White is the Democratic Candidate for the 339th Criminal District Court. Candance is a 53 year old Texan. Candance began her career as an environmental lawyer in 1993 with a Fortune 500 Oil Company as a graduate from the University of Texas School of Law. Candance went on to obtain her Masters in Law (LLM) from the University of Houston Law Center in 2002. Her thesis was “Environmental Justice and the Clean Air Act”.

Candance is originally from Beaumont, Texas and has lived in Houston, Texas since graduating from law school in 1993.


Candance is running for an open seat in the March election in the 339th District Criminal Court because she understands the need for a diversified perspective that better represents the entire community. She has the unique opportunity to bring the child welfare perspective to the court as well as criminal and civil experience. She has served as a City of Houston Municipal Court judge and understands appropriate courtroom decorum and how to manage a voluminous docket. Candance analyzes and makes decisions on complex cases on a daily basis in child welfare matters. She practiced law across all 13 counties in Region 6, Regions 4, and 5 as the InterRegional Managing Attorney for both Child and Adult Protective Services before becoming the Director.


Candance owned her own law firm with a diversified practice in civil litigation, criminal law, family law, environmental, juvenile, mediation, and transactional law. While having her law practice, Candance also began work for the State of Texas as a guardianship case manager. Candance became the Adult Protective Services (APS) attorney and then went on to be the InterRegional Managing Attorney for both Adult Protective Services (APS) and Child Protective Services(CPS) for Regions 4,5,6 which covered 13 counties in the Houston area and several other counties spanning from Galveston to Longview, Texas.
Candance served as a judge for the City of Houston Municipal Courts where she handled large volume dockets serving the citizens of Houston. Candance has worked as an adjunct professor teaching business and property law. Candance currently serves as the Child Welfare Director for Protective Services for Harris County, Texas.

Candance is committed to children and families and is a public servant who is dedicated to making a stronger more diverse community and a better future for all.


Candance is a member of the Urban Child Welfare League of America, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., American Leadership Forum, and has been a cast member of Night Court.